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Personal Chef

Are you navigating a new health diagnosis, a temporary medical condition, interested in helping yourself feel better through food or just need help putting real food on the table?

Leaf and Loaf is here to offer support through the creation of customized, nutritious, delicious and beautiful meals. Let us help nourish you so you can spend your time doing what YOU are here to do! 

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Leaf and Loaf has years and years of experience creating custom, client-approved recipes and weekly menus that support all types of dietary needs. If you need some ideas for meals and snacks that will leave you feeling energized and fantastic, Leaf and Loaf can help. It's not easy eliminating ingredients from your diet, but when those ingredients make you feel terrible and cause health issues, we can make it a pretty easy decision. Let us help you navigate the new list of foods you can feel great eating and support your immune system as a bonus!


Leaf and Loaf is here to help provide a nutritious, delicious and beautiful food experience at your event location. Are you celebrating with a birthday party, anniversary, friendly dinner party or a simple girl's night in?

A customized menu will be sure that all of your guests' dietary needs and preferences are met. We want everyone to eat and enjoy themselves and celebrate!

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