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Personal Chef

All meals are family style and will be enough for you to enjoy multiple times, multiples servings. Each meal can feed you a few times. Other service and pricing options are available. Let's chat!


TOTAL = Chef's Fee + Food Costs 

Chef’s Fee  = 

     Two Meals: 2 entrees & 2 sides = $395

     Three Meals: 3 entrees & 3 sides = $425

     Four Meals: 4 entrees & 4 sides = $485

Food Costs = approximately $100-$200 per cook day         

Food costs are simply passed along to the client. The amount is determined by the type of groceries and number of people being fed.  

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Phone Consultation $195

This is a great option if you do not need a personal chef but do need assistance with your new food options. This consultation includes a 90 minute phone call with an assessment of your current dietary likes, dislikes, allergies and intolerances. You will start by filling out a Food Questionnaire and our Chef will review before the call. We will talk about the top three challenges that you need support with. Do you have a new diagnosis? Need support creating meal ideas to have nutritious meals on the table? Are you overwhelmed eliminating so many ingredients? All of these things? It can be super overwhelming! Chef Sue can help simplify and take some of that overwhelming feeling away.

Grocery Store Tour $150

Let Chef Sue take you on a in-person tour of your local grocery store. She can show you quick and nutritious ways to prepare food for yourself, point out new food options, grains, vegetables, fruits, and more that will help you fuel yourself and feel great! (Locations limited to the Atlanta and surrounding areas.)


Please fill out the Request a Quote form and Chef Sue will get back to you about availability and pricing.

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