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Online Classes

During our home quarantines, I decided to create some Fun with Food classes for current and new students to experiment with at home. These classes are free and there's no need to register.


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Video Date 3.27.20
Apple Slaw Wraps with Rice Paper
Video Date 3.26.20
Savory Curry Cakes with Black Beans
Video Date 3.25.20
Wild and Crazy Rice
Video Date 3.24.20
French Toast and Waffles
The Five Day Food Tasting Challenge
Video Date 3.23.20
The Great Smoothie Experiment
The Smoothie Illustration Page
Video Date 3.20.20
ASK CHEF SUE (no handouts)
Video Date 3.19.20
Super Power Granola Balls
Granola Ball Illustration Page
Video Date 3.18.20

What you need today
FWF Wordle (no need to print, but it's fun to look at)
Super Salads and a Dressing
Salad Illustration Page
Video Date 3.17.20
Kitchen Rules

Cookbook Coloring Page

A list of fresh fruits and vegetables

Video Date 3.16.20

Introduction to Fun with Food Online

VIDEOS for each day can be found on my Facebook Page.