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My Story


After 16 years in the Medical Illustration/Animation industry, I decided it was time for a change, so I quit my job and went to culinary school at 40. It's never too late. 


I was the Chef and Kitchen Manager for a fantastic little Cafe for five amazing years. Then it became time to work for myself and Leaf and Loaf was born. In 2015 I created a program called Fun with Food to educate, motivate and inspire children of all ages to eat real food. And my world of nutritious food exploration began.


My days are full and filled with my excitement carrying out my mission, watching my teens flourish into responsible and fun members of our community, laughing uncontrollably with my husband, kayaking on a quiet lake really early in the morning and breathing fresh air on a walk. 


Mission Statement

Leaf and Loaf, llc creates a variety of food related experiences that involve educating, creating, tasting and enjoying healthy and nutritious food with many different audiences. Our team consists of warm and compassionate people who aim to support our clients, our farmers, our families and our communities. 


When we enjoy how we spend our time, we do our jobs well and in turn, our community, our team and everyone else we come in contact with is better off because of what we do. Working with food is enjoyable and becomes an emotionally and financially rewarding way to make a living. 


Healthy, nutritious and beautiful food has the ability to positively change our bodies, our minds, our wellness and our life experiences.

Chef Sue with kids.jpg


Educating, Inspiring and Motivating People 

Creating Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free Foods

Respecting Food Allergies & Intolerances

Creating Customized Menus for Families & Events

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