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In Fun with Food we experiment, taste, smell, assemble, cut, cook and play with food. We learn about healthy eating habits, food appreciation, health benefits, food availability, we incorporate math+science+art, kitchen safety, sanitation and lots more!  Fun with Food is always Vegetarian, can be Nut-free and student's dietary allergies and intolerances are taken into consideration when planning the curriculum. 


Fun with Food is offered as After School Enrichment Classes, Camps, Birthday Parties, In-House Field Trips, and Demonstration Workshops.


Just a few of the topics we learn are basic knife skills, measuring skills, how science and food interact and relate, why math is important when cooking, how art and food correspond, healthy and nutritious eating habits and LOTS MORE!

Opportunities Offered

Creativity there are no rules (except safety rules!)

Awareness of Senses focus on smells, tastes, sounds, textures, beauty

Presentation & Aesthetics what makes food look delicious?

Science Skills experiments, time, temperature, change, hypotheses

Directions following them verbally and in recipes

Math Skills measuring, adding, subtracting, counting

Confidence and Self-Esteem "I made that!"

Open-mindedness trying something new and different

Community what can we create and enjoy as a group?

Patience waiting to taste/see the creation

Sharing taking turns in making a community recipe

A Few Sample Class Topics

• Kitchen Safety, Sous Chefs, Responsibilities

• Make your own Granola Recipe

• Food Package Design

• The Great Smoothie Experiment

• Super Power Balls 

• CSA Baskets

• Vegan Black Bean Chili

• Spiced Cranberry-Apple Sauce

• Eggs and Breakfast Burritos

• Growing your own food

• Vegetarian Sushi

• Honey, Bees and Nut Butter Balls

• Vegetarian Pizza

• Tomato Sauce and Pasta

• Three Bean Veggie Soup

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